Cell Booster Installer

Making the Connection

About Us

Cell Booster Installer ( CBI ) was formed in May 2012 by Rant Mehman. As a former employee of a major manufacturer of cellular signal boosters and his background in the wireless industry, Brett made the choice to choice to start impacting the individuals and businesses that suffer with issues with cell reception.

With wireless devices being the number one form of communications and the best way to stay connected in business and personal lives, CBI's number one goal is to bridge gaps in wireless coverage. We want all businesses and individuals to be current on the world around them and they shouldn't be behind due to lack in cellular coverage.

CBI's main way to overcome challenges in cellular reception is by installing cell boosters. Hence the name Cell Booster Installer. Cell Boosters can be installed in large buildings, small offices, homes, vehicles, and many other applications.