Cell Booster Installer

Making the Connection

In-Home Installation

When it comes to improving cell reception in homes, Cell Booster Installer ( CBI ) takes special care to make sure the customers needs are met and the installation is done with the highest level of professionalism. We make sure the end result is aesthetically pleasing and we like to leave no tracks of our presence (except the improved cell reception of course).

Causes of poor cell reception in homes

The problem with cell reception in homes can be attributed to 1 or more of these 3 causes; distance from the cell tower, obstructions between the home and the cell tower (mountains, dense forest,...), and the most common cause is the construction materials of the home such as metal and concrete. Many materials designed to make homes more energy efficient will cause problems as well. We get reports quite often about home owners cell reception suffering after an energy efficient renovation.


The solution to any of the 3 main causes of poor cell reception in a home is a cellular booster. Cell boosters are not all the same. Some are better designed than the others and they're package with different technologies and output power capabilities. CBI will ensure you're getting the correct equipment for your cellular needs. Another thing to know is installing a cell booster isn't as simple as the manufacturers will make it seem. There is a lot of planning and adjusting to be made when installing in-home cell boosters.

Our process is as follows:

  • First, we do a site survey to measure the current wireless environment. This will help us gauge the products necessary to make the system work
  • Then, we can do a simple product demo.
  • We'll then present you the options of products.
  • If accepted, we'll go to work installing the system making sure to follow the customers instructions on looks. The job will be considered complete after customer walk through to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the level of coverage.
  • We're not done there. 6 months of any return service work at no charge is typical for us.