Cell Booster Installer

Making the Connection

Small Offices

Whether your office has a few phones from one cell carrier or multiple phones from multiple carriers, Cell Booster Installer ( CBI ) can improve the cell reception for everybody. CBI understands it's important for small businesses to have an edge over their large competitors. One way to have the edge is to provide the best customer service. More and more companies are turning to wireless devices to gain that competitive advantage. After all, wireless devices are the number one form of communications today and your customer base expects you to be using wireless for business.

The problem for some companies is they don't have the proper cellular coverage within their building. This renders cell phones, smart phones, and data devices useless to they're operation. The problem with cell reception could be attributed to 1 of 3 things; distance from the cell tower, obstructions such as mountains and thick woodland areas, or the most common cause is the construction materials used on the building. Metal and thick concrete are usually the biggest causes for weak indoor reception.

Small office operations are more than likely to have cell phones from multiple carriers under the same roof. Company cell phone plans are becoming less attractive to small businesses these days, but this is a problem when there is poor reception inside the building because the cell carriers will not be able to provide a solution.

The solutions offered by CBI will cover multiple carriers for multiple technologies. We have the ability to cover voice, 3G, and 4G from all the major carriers for multiple devices under the same roof. This way it doesn't matter what carriers the employees use or if they switch carriers. Employees can switch to different phones from different carries with the comfort of knowing no matter what the device will work great in the work place.

CBI's installation process is as follows:

  • First, we do a site survey to measure the current wireless environment. This will help us gauge the products necessary to make the system work
  • Then, we usually take a building diagram or rough sketch to develop a computer graphic of the proposed system design.
  • We'll then present this along with a bid submission.
  • If accepted, we'll go to work installing the system as planed making sure everything is up to building code.
     The job will be considered complete after customer walk through to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the level of coverage.
  • We're not done there 6 months of any return service work at no charge is typical for us.