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Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI)

Cell Booster Installer ( CBI ) simply chose Cellular Specialties, Inc (CSI) because they have the highest quality cell booster products on the market. If you want the best choose CSI.

About CSI

Cellular Specialties, Inc. (CSI) is driven to be a world class organization that delivers superior products and services enabling anytime, anywhere in-building wireless connectivity. CSI has developed two distinct divisions.

Product Division:

The CSI Product Division has specialized in the development of high quality, reliable in-building amplifiers and repeaters for over a decade. CSI also carrys a complete line of system components including antennas, cross band couplers, directional couplers, and power dividers. CSI BDAs and system components have been implemented in solutions throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Over the past several years, the CSI Product Division has focused heavily on product innovation and thought leadership in the repeater industry. Utilizing state of the art components, CSI is the first company to introduce a digitally filtered repeater capable of passing all of the WSP spectrum requirements. The DSP85 and the digital architecture that the product embodies, has become a requisite for the nation's largest wireless carrier.

CSI Products and Pricingcsi amplifier

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